Quartesian Expands Medidata Expertise and Partnership — From RAVE to TSDV

Over the past three years, Quartesian has seen a significant uptick in demand for Medidata RAVE skillsets. To add even more value to our high quality electronic data capture (EDC), management, and reporting solutions, Quartesian has expanded its RAVE capabilities and expertise, while deepening its partnership with Medidata.

Quartesian currently offers its FSP partners Medidata RAVEMedidata Coder, and Medidata TSDV expertise, leveraging these industry-leading tools to improve program budgets and timelines with powerful data capture, data management, automation, and monitoring capabilities. Quartesian is currently in the process of adding Medidata Balance and Medidata Patient Cloud ePRO accreditations to its portfolio for even more ways to experience Clinical Data Your Way.

To read more about Quartesian’s Medidata expertise, along with comments from COO Soumitra Chowdhury, read our press release — then follow us @Quartesian for more clinical data news and updates.

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