Quartesian Helps Large FSP Save 20% On Labor Costs

Data Management, SAS, and RAVE Resources Drive Scalability

The Challenge: Going from 3 Vendors to 1 While Fueling Growth

A large CRO customer with three functional service provider (FSP) vendors and a substantial offshore presence was struggling to plan for surge/overflow situations. Finding qualified resources in these offshore regions — not to mention onboarding them in time to accommodate the normal peaks and valleys of demand — was straining their budgets and timelines. Meanwhile, maintaining partnerships with three FSPs was hampering the organization’s ability to invest in the business and get ahead in a hyper-competitive market. Reacting quickly to meet surge/overflow demands is necessary for CROs to land certain contracts, but can prove very challenging. The client wanted to consolidate to a single FSP, one who understood the CRO model and could bring ample life science expertise to the table. The CRO needed a long-term, predictable, and reliable solution that would reduce their labor costs while giving them the opportunity to grow. They turned to Quartesian to supplement their in-house teams with experienced SAS programming and Medidata RAVE resources.

The Solution: Scalable, High Quality SAS and RAVE Resources

Quartesian maintains the ability to meet any size demand for FSP resources, whether it was for 5-10 resources or 60-70 resources. Having local experience within our executive management team, Quartesian knew where the most qualified resources were in the CRO’s offshore locations, and how to recruit that talent. By offering SAS programming and Medidata RAVE rates based on volume commitment and unit-based project pricing, Quartesian provided a business solution that made resources available as needed, while keeping the CRO’s budget lean. Quartesian was able to staff up to meet demand by onboarding and training qualified resources at a rate of 15-20 per month.

The Outcome: A Sustainable Path to 15-20% Growth

By partnering with Quartesian, the CRO was successfully able to downsize from three FSP vendors to one, reducing labor costs by approximately 20%. Those savings could then be reinvested in the business, providing the CRO with the opportunity to begin planning for 15-20% business growth. Having on-demand access to Quartesian’s experienced programming staff to meet fluctuations in demand gives the CRO the flexibility to take on more opportunities and handle unexpected situations with confidence. “It can’t be any better. Your (and your team’s) response time was great. Also, the commitment from everybody was excellent. This helped a lot with keeping the timelines — and it was much appreciated that you and your team even worked on holidays.” — DATA MANAGER, CRO

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