Quartesian Partnership Empowers Catawba to Reduce TCO for Clients

CRO Drives Efficiencies in Ophthalmology, Dermatology, and Women’s Health Trials

The Challenge: Maintaining High Quality While Reducing Budgets and Timelines

Expenses associated with the development and deployment of compounds in the dermatology, ophthalmology, and women’s health area are among the most rapidly growing concerns for sponsors in those therapeutic areas, and clinical research represents a substantial portion of these costs. For clients of Catawba Research, a specialized CRO that focuses on these categories, there is increasing pressure to bring the cost of research and development down, secure faster returns on investments, and improve access to high-quality patient care.

Catawba manages a large number of fast enrolling studies. Speed to system setup, database close, and final data and report delivery needs to be aggressive, while maintaining the tight budget requirements of these therapeutic areas. With a significant amount of dermatology experience and expertise across a wide range of therapeutic areas, Quartesian was an ideal candidate to supplement Catawba’s offering with data management, SAS and biostatistical programming, and medical writing services.

The Solution: Quartesian Drives Process Efficiencies

By working together with Catawba and understanding their unique budget requirements, Quartesian provided high quality, fast, efficient clinical data services at affordable rates — enabling Catawba to offer the best total cost of ownership for their customers. Quartesian project leads maintained close contact and delivered high-touch service with Catawba at every stage, ensuring their team understood what each service entailed, what the CRO needed to meet their goals, and which options were available to expedite projects and maintain aggressive timelines.

Through each engagement with Catawba, Quartesian made a point to complete the work by deadline, even working through weekends and holidays to ensure that deliverables were on time and of highest quality. Because of Quartesian’s policy of never issuing contentious change orders, the final bill always matched the agreed upon budget.

Quartesian’s team of SAS and biostatistical programming experts developed more than 25 macros to support consistency and compliance with regulatory requirements. This drastically reduced time spent on quality assurance, while still maintaining the data quality needed for regulatory submissions. Meanwhile, Quartesian’s clinical data experts created custom templates for screen designs and standard tables, listings, and figures. With these templates, Catawba could drive down overall costs to both current and future clients, while reducing the time it takes to generate final deliverables.

The Outcome: 25% Reduction in Budgets Fuels Growth

To date, Quartesian has partnered with Catawba on 17 studies, with more on deck. In one dermatology study of nearly 1,000 patients, Quartesian completed the final study report within three weeks of the last monitor visit. The partnership has helped Catawba meet its customers’ needs in an ever-changing clinical research landscape by delivering high-quality technologies and processes tailored to each sponsor’s unique trial and clinical data needs — and, critically, shaving 25% off the price of its contracts. This empowers Catawba to grow their business while focusing on their core competencies in dermatology, ophthalmology, and women’s health.

“Working with Quartesian as our strategic clinical data partner has enabled Catawba to grow and expand our presence in our core areas of expertise. We can count on Quartesian to do whatever it takes to help us meet our client’s expectations and timelines, all while providing cost efficient rates that allow Catawba and Quartesian to maintain margins and grow our business. Coupled with the most cost-effective budget for clinical data in the industry, Quartesian is the ideal candidate to partner for clinical data services.”
— Zaidoon A. Al-Zubaidy, CEO of Catawba Research


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