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It’s not paper. And it’s not pricey.

Get a better handle on data analytics with Quartesian’s digital data solutions. Let Quartesian experts guide your business through data analytics visualization, data science, metadata repositories (MDR), and statistical computing environments. Use our proprietary solution, Confero, for a streamlined, digital, and cost-effective approach, or let our teams manage your existing technology.

Confero EDC

Get the tools you need to work smarter, not harder. Join the industry standard by adopting electronic data capture (EDC) for data generated by clinical trials. Easily conquer the timelines and budget required for EDC and leave paper behind.

Get the speed, efficiency, and price point you need from Quartesian’s Confero EDC. Let Confero EDC provide a streamlined, digital, and cost-effective approach across early phase trials, medical device trials, generics, and early stage biotechs.

Benefits include:

  • The capability to build studies quickly
  • More accurate data entry, guided by technology
  • Easily implemented mid-study changes
  • Rapid query identification and resolution
  • Real-time data access to better manage your study
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Confero Data Visualization

Make new discoveries through data visualization using some of the most advanced analytics solutions in the market (Tableau®, TIBCO Spotfire®). Improve site and CRO governance, implement study level dashboards, support risk-based monitoring, and much more with Quartesian’s Confero Data Visualization.

Quartesian’s library of industry-specific programs work with analytics solutions to provide a full-story look at your data. Together, these technologies allow you to quickly spot data outliers, inconsistencies, and deficiencies; and to clean, enrich, and transform your data.

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Confero Data Sciences (custom software development)

Manage, integrate, organize, analyze, and report clinical trial data through automation. Develop and apply state-of-the-art tools and technologies with Quartesian’s Confero Data Sciences.

Our deep variety of resources and tools enable us to work with top pharmaceutical companies and CROs on a wide variety of innovative projects, including:

  • Using machine learning to perform a comprehensive analysis of patient subgroups that maximize drug efficacy
  • Developing an automated image recognition assessment tool for acne lesion severity grade
  • Real-time heart failure risk analysis using the stream of ECG data from a medical device
  • Digital transformation solutions for EHR data, medical device data, and LIMS

Metadata Repositories (MDR) and Statistical Computing Environments (SCE)

Rather than getting a singular, proprietary platform from a vendor, use a solution that fits what you already have. Quartesian works with you — we recognize that every client has a unique set of legacy data, current systems, tool sets, and technologies.

We work with your team to customize a solution that best leverages your investment, automating manual processes in clinical trials biostatistics and programming within a controlled SCE. And accelerate your EDC builds, data transformations and statistical programming using an MDR.

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